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Main » 2011 » November » 29 » Doing It Right The First Time
4:31 AM
Doing It Right The First Time

There was a little girl who had parents that loved her very much. They raised her to go to church and serve the lord with all that she had. She went every time the church had a service and any events that took place. She enjoyed the worship and praising the lord and speaking in tongues and dancing the isles.

Then one day she got old enough to think for her self (at least she thought she was) and she decided to leave the church scene and go out into the world and try some of the stuff that if offered. She went to the pool halls to play pool. Hung out with friends on the street walking up and down through the traffic all day. And she even went to the bars as she got older to have a drink with her friends that she walked the street with all her teen life.

Then one day she found some stuff called drugs. And these drugs made her feel like she was strong and able to do anything. She began to see things in a different light (a light that was dim). But to her amazement she found that this dim light was taking over her life and she could not stop it from shining on her.

Then one day she found herself in a rut. This was a rut that made her feel dirty and lonely. She found herself without real friends and no one who really was there for her. And then as the story goes, she met a man that she loved in her heart. And she wanted to marry him. And he wanted to marry her. But the dim light that was in her life still kept her from seeing clearly. So she could not see the man in the way that she wanted.

And time went on and this girl finally got to marry her man that she loved from her heart. And the marriage was bad. They fought all the time and cheated each other out of things. And made each other learn to hate. And still this girl could not get rid of this dim light.

Then one day as she was being a house wife. There was this light that came to her kitchen that day. It shined so bright that she forgot about the dim one. This light looked familiar to her, she had seen it before. But she had not seen it in a long time. It made her smile and feel warm.

She began to look at it and study it. She noticed this light showed more than the dim one. She began to get into the brighter light each day. It drew her into it. And she finally went into the light so deep that she could see clearly.

She saw her husband in a brand new light. He was loving and compassionate. She saw herself in a new light. She became loving and compassionate. She became soft at heart and learned that this light she was in was the light of Jesus Christ.

He is the light of the world. And when she got into him, she could live life freely and learn new ways that she only missed during her walk in the dim light. 
She saw her life was going no where and this bright light gave her a chance to see where she was headed. She noticed she was headed to a place called hell. And this place was real hot. And it was for eternity. And then the bright light led her to another place. A place of peace and joy and comfort. And all this is what she was looking for to begin with.

But she had gotten side tracked for sometime, with this dim light,( fifteen years to be exact ) she followed this bright light and then she began to see that she could do things right. Where she was doing drugs, in this bright light she did not have to do no more. In this bright light, she did not have to hate any more. In this bright light she did not have to cheat and argue any more. And her life got better and better each day. She lives in the bright light each day of her life. And it is the right light.

Six years later and she is still walking in this bright light. She says now, "that she should have done it right the first time and stayed with this bright light." But now that she is back. She is never going to leave it again. She is going to follow this bright light all the way to heaven, that is doing it right the first time. 

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