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Main » 2012 » March » 1 » A Savior's Plea
7:03 AM
A Savior's Plea

Upon this hillside my flesh cries out in pain. Yet, it is my heart that searches for mercy. I scan the crowd and see my accusers. I see those who knew me as their friends.

Yet, I choose to travel in time to a place where I sit here with you. I look upon your face which is so dear to me. I remember the day you were created. I remember how my heart leaped for joy when I was forming you in the womb. I remember how my hands delicately were placed around your heart. I remember the God-shaped hole I placed there. I smiled when I thought of all the accomplishments you would make.

But, all of those pale in comparison to the reality that is set before you. And what is that reality? Beloved, look upon my hands and feet. Look upon my thorn covered brow. Look upon the wound in my side and the marks upon my back. That is how much I love you.

This blood I shed was paid at my expense and if it had taken one drop at time, surely I would have paid such a high price for you. Do you realize how much I love you? Do you know that when you cry that I cry too? Do you know that when you feel defeated, alone and rejected that I long to tear open the heavens and show you my face? Do you know that I want so badly to hold you when you cry? Do you know that when man speaks words that wound and tear at your very soul that I long to kiss your brow and tell you how much I love you?

Why do you look to man to give you what only I can? Why do you give man the first fruits of your time, affections and talents only to be left disappointed and rejected? While we sit here my child I ask you these questions. I do not ask to hurt you or make you feel condemned. I ask that you may seek the truth and find it. For when you seek truth, you find me.

For I AM the way, the truth and the life. Beloved, will you choose the path I have laid before you? Will you choose to never be lonely again? Will you choose me so that I may come in and heal you of all that man has done? Will the word "yes" fall from your lips? Oh, how I have longed for the day when you will say "yes".

Just one word would send all of heaven rejoicing and place hell in vast turmoil! Just that one word would fill my heart with adulation, beloved. There is no one so horrible that my blood cannot cleanse, neither is there anyone so good that doesn't need me.

Whisper my name beloved, whisper and I will come running. I will run to you. You do not even have to meet me halfway. I will meet you right where you are. Say my name- "Jesus." Say it now from your heart and I will show up. Seek me with the eyes of your heart and you will find me there. You will see that I have been with you all along.

I travel back in time to this hillside. It is here where I think of you. All that you need, desire and ever longed for is in this blood. Will you choose my way? Surely, I cannot hide my opinion, for how could a creator deny the affection of his creation?

But, the choice is yours, beloved. I cannot make you choose, for that would not be love. But, know this dear one, know that I will not turn you away! Come- I will be waiting.


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