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Main » 2011 » November » 29 » Come Quickly King of Majestic Glory
4:23 AM
Come Quickly King of Majestic Glory

Black and yellow, red and white,

All are precious in God's sight.

All the colors in the sky,

And every color in each eye.

We see the beauty all around,

Why not in all who walk on the ground?

For green is not better than red,

But together create beauty instead.


For every color in God's sight,

Was made and formed, each just right.

For God loves all, just hates our sin,

After all He's our next of kin.

When love is shown from one to another,

A multitude of sin it shall cover.

Each one was createEver since the beginning of time, 

You longed to hold me close. 
From the very first day 
I called You my King, 
I have been only yours.

I come to the mountain alone, 
I want to be near You. 
To hear Your soft, sweet voice. 
You hear every word I whisper, 
And I long to run away with You, 
From the valleys to the highlands. 
My eyes, they cry out to see 
Your Majestic Glory!

King of Love, 
I am Yours & You are mine. 
Hold me in Your arms, 
Keep me in Your Spirit. 
Gather me into Your wings, 
And with the speed of hinds feet, 
I will runaway with You! 
Over the mountains of spices, 
You make my heart sing! 
You take me into Your secrete places 
With waters gushing like deeps goes to deep, 
You baptize me in love.

So I long for the time 
when I hear my Beloved say, 
"Arise, now is the time, 
Come quickly, I'll take you away. 
Come with me from Lebanon, 
Descend from the crest of Amana, 
from the Senir, the summit of Hermon. 
You are my garden and I am your fountain 
My bride, Streaming down from Lebanon."

Awake, north wind, 
And come, south wind! 
Blow on my garden, 
That its fragrance may spread 
As perfume in the air. 
Awake Holy Spirit and blow 
On my garden, that all may 
Taste choice fruits of You.

I long for the Holy Day, 
When You take me away. 
Now I hold small drops of rain 
Of Your love & Mercy.. 
One day I'll see You come 
Like lighting for me.. 
I have Your Comforting Hope here 
But I long for Majestic Glory. A
ll hope may seem gone 
But you remain strong 
Sending Your love rays.

I have heard You at my heart's door, 
Saying, "Open to me, my darling, my dove. 
Place me like a seal over your heart"

You are watching over Your gardens. 
You are like the dawn, 
Fair as the moon, 
Bright as the sun, 
And as majestic as the stars. 
Come away, my King of Love 
and like a gazelle w
e will runaway on 
the spice-laden mountains 
Take me away with You, 
Into my Kings chambers. 
I will runaway, runaway with You! 
When You come quickly 

To take me to Your wedding feast.d equal in God's eye,

To love one another is the reason why.


So look upon each other with love,

For we all came from God above.

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